All Out Arts / Fresh Fruit Festival – Founders & Honors

Carol PolcovarCarol Polcovar (Founding Artistic Director of the Fresh Fruit Festival, retired) Carol founded the Fresh Fruit Festival in 2002.  She is a poet – published in Partisan Review – with an MFA in poetry from Brooklyn College where she studied with John Ashbery.  Her anthology publications include DOWNTOWN POETS and BROOKLYN. She is also a playwright whose plays have been produced Off Broadway and in Italy; a director of more than thirty shows; a producer whose best know production Ray Fox’s musical Take It Easy ran for 103 Off-Broadway performances; and a teacher who has taught various subjects on grade levels from nursery school to post-graduate. Since the 1970’s Ms. Polcovar has been active in the LGBT and the Women’s Civil Rights Movement. She continues her artistic work and support for minority rights in her new home in Hawaii.




Keith Angora (Founder, Board Member)  has multitasked for the organization as performer: Fable, Finding the Wild Life Preserve, Judy’s Place; as playwright: At Sunset, Randolph, Coupons, The Brief Rages of GeeGee Schwartz; and as a director.



Nick Curto (Founding President of All Out Arts; Board Member, emeritus)  was a Fortune 500 corporate Art Director/Graphic Designer. Nick was a co-founder and past president of The Equality Project – advocating progressive change on behalf of the LGBTQ Community to Fortune 500 companies, and designed the now internationally famous “Equal Logo” – made for the Equality Project’s first Press Conference at City Hall. He is also Co-Founder and Meetings Director of Disclosure Network New York (DNNY), which focuses on deep research into the total UFO dynamic as well as paranormal research, hosting Town Meetings for group discussion as well as special social events and Field Trips. 
Past President, Vice President, Outreach Chair of the Urantia Society of Greater New York; Founder of the Chemtrail Global Alert Network; Co-Founder, Friends of NYC Park Wildlife. Founder/Concept Designer for Project Lemonade (Research organization to solve both the Globle Plastics & Homeless Crisis).
Nick also hosts several one-hour monthly Internet Podcasts: “THE URANTIA BOOK”; “THE DISCLOSURE NETWORK” and “THE REAL NEWS REVIELED.” 
As a Peace/Human Rights Activist, Nick Curto is the NY State officiant of the UN Staff Recreation Council “Solus” (health and well-being network).

Harry Wieder

Harry Wieder (Board Member; Liaison to the Disabled Community) was killed while crossing a street in lower Manhattan. He had been active in the Disabled Community and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community for over twenty years. His dedication to the fight for the disabled, LGBT rights and the battle against AIDS won him honors from many community organizations. His unstoppable fight for disability rights earned him a featured profile in Jimmy Breslin’s column. He was a very active member of NYC Community Boards 2 & 3, and now has a street named after him in Lower Manhattan. He was a towering presence in All Out Arts, and will be missed.