The 2017 Fresh Fruit Festival


Festival 2016: Compagnia KÖRPER, from All Out Dance event

The 2017 Fresh Fruit Festival

Our 15th Anniversary Begins, at The Wild Project, 195 East 3rd Street

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La Maupin
book and direction by Jessica Field, music by Jared Field
Tuesday 7/18, 6:30pm; Friday 7/21, 6:30pm; Saturday 7/22, 2pm

Julie d’Aubigny. Swordswoman. Opera Singer. Bisexual badass. In La Maupin this legendary 17th-century heroine lives again, in a fast-paced musical adventure. At her peak, Julie was a force to be reckoned with – bashing bigots, tumbling chambermaids, and performing some of Opera’s most iconic roles. Accounts vary; was she a lunatic or a martyr? A hero or a cautionary tale? Only one fact goes undisputed about Julie: She is a legend.
featuring Fight Direction by Jared Kirby!


wRETCH: the Final Concert
Featuring Pandora Scooter and her Band “wRETCH,” directed by Cedric Hill
Wednesday 7/12, 9pm; Friday 7/14, 9pm; Saturday 7/15, 9pm

Pan is a queer punk-rock diva, and this is her last concert! Or is it? Her band can’t tell . . . this suicide talk’s not serious, is it? While they try to figure it out, wRETCH plays their set of riot grrrl-style proclamations on drugs, lesbianism, eating disorders, and taking up space. Get ready to smash the patriarchy, and maybe a guitar or two, at this bombastic all-woman rock extravaganza.



All Mixed Up
by John J. Enright, directed by Rob Belchere
Friday 7/14, 5:30pm; Saturday 7/15, 4:30pm; Sunday 7/16, 8pm

This modern comedy explores the challenge of maintaining love and trust in an era of nontraditional relationships. Beth and Carrie, an interracial couple on the brink of parenthood, had agreed to have a mixed-race baby – i.e. using a white sperm donor. But days before the very pregnant Beth is due, she reveals she secretly found a black donor. When their fight is interrupted by the donor himself, hijinks ensue. The situation is all mixed up! (Even if the baby isn’t.)


by Patrick McCarthy, directed by Patrick Aran
Monday 7/10, 8pm; Thursday 7/13, 7pm; Sunday 7/16, 4pm

A new play by award-winning playwright Patrick Thomas McCarthy (Fresh Fruit Festival Outstanding Playwright 2012 & 2013).
Three men pursue one woman – and each other – for CUSTODY of their children, memories, and photo albums. Featuring the issues and fashions of the early 90s, including straight women who love gay men, and the straight men who love them – and try to be more like gay men to get women to love them back.

In an effort to provide something for everyone, CUSTODY even includes America’s only child with Dutch Elm Disease.


The Diplomats
by Nelson Diaz-Marcano, directed by Blayze Teicher
Wednesday 7/12, 7pm; Saturday 7/15, 2:30pm; Sunday 7/16, 6pm

Two days before election night 2016, close friends Annie and Carlos are having a reunion on his first visit back in New York. At first it seems their relationship hasn’t changed– that is until Carlos brings an unexpected guest: Annie’s estranged clickbait-writing friend Gary. This is the story of three friends, two candidates, and one chicken . . . and what happens next will blow your mind!


Fistful Of Cake, Pocketful Of Miracles
by Larry Phillips, directed by Phoebe Leonard
Tuesday 7/11, 9pm; Thursday 7/13, 9pm; Sunday 7/16, 2pm

Why WATCH a romantic comedy when you can LIVE one?
Nathan hasn’t shown up for work in weeks. Fearing the worst, his office sends Evan to check in on him. Evan finds a sad and depressed Nathan whose been hiding a massive break-up from everyone. Determined to get Nathan out of his funk, Evan decides to make him his new pet project and introduce him to the modern Gay Dating World.


The Phillie Trilogy
by Doug DeVita, directed by Dennis Corsi
Wednesday 7/19, 6:30pm; Saturday 7/22, 4:30pm; Sunday 7/23, 3:30pm

Growing up gay in the “fabulous” 70s was no picnic for the precocious Phillie McDougal. Through nuns, priests, bullying classmates, parents – and years later the realization his best friend may not be the person he thought she was – he lived to tell the tales, with results no one bargained for. Including him.


by Charles Curtis
Monday 7/17, 7pm; Tuesday 7/18, 9pm; Thursday 7/20, 8:30pm

Inspired by the death of Trayvon Martin and countless other black men, STRINGS follows one man’s road to execution, and hopefully, another’s toward redemption. As Man awaits his impending hearing and execution for cleaning up his neighborhood, the only person that seems to want Man to live is his brand new lawyer, Derek. While Derek prepares to defend a man he just met, they each find that some things are inescapable and no one is truly innocent.



THE HISTORY OF LOVE: One-Acts with a Historical Bent

Damn Fool – by W. Tré Davis, directed by Richard C. Aven
Produced by FIG Productions
Part of THE HISTORY of LOVE: One-Acts with a Historical Bent
Tuesday 7/11, 7pm; Friday 7/14, 7:30pm

In a southern jail cell in 1944, two women wait for dawn. Anna is the sheriff’s daughter; Hattie is the editor of a radical black newspaper—and Anna’s lover. Their relationship’s strength and honesty are tested as they talk through their night of captivity, and the morning brings the biggest test they’ll face. Who will emerge with their identity intact?

Village Orpheus – by Mickey Bolmer, directed by Daniel Roberts
Produced by Poetic Theatre Productions
Part of THE HISTORY of LOVE: One-Acts with a Historical Bent
Tuesday 7/11, 7pm; Friday 7/14, 7:30pm

Greenwich Village has long been a hotbed of artistic daring and sexual celebration; few embody both as fiercely as Frank O’Hara, the poet whose work lit up the neighborhood throughout the 50s and 60s. In this neoclassical fantasy, O’Hara takes on the role of Orpheus, as he, his lover Joe, and a chorus of New York bohemians sing the Village back to life and love.


AFTER HOURS:  An Evening of NSFW One-Acts

Blood Orange – by Marcus Scott, directed by Dana Savage
Part of AFTER HOURS: An Evening of NSFW One-Acts
Friday 7/21 9pm; Saturday 7/22, 9pm

African-American high school senior Dorian wants to hash things out with his first love, Vladimir, before heading off for college. But Vladimir has plans of his own—and they involve beefcake lothario Tanner. Blood Orange explores the fetishization of black male bodies, gay stereotypes, hook-up culture, interracial gay relationships, power play and upward mobility, all in 10 minutes overlooking the hills of San Francisco.


21st Century Faggot – by Shelton Lindsay
Part of AFTER HOURS: An Evening of NSFW One-Acts
Friday 7/21 9pm; Saturday 7/22, 9pm

Follow writer/performer Shelton Lindsay (NY Neo-Futurists, Pickle Day) as he explores sex, gender, and desire—and his life as a self-proclaimed “faggot.” From first break-ups to bathouse orgies, Shelton pinpoints singular moments in his experiences as a gay man, and throws in a heaping dose of music, dance, and raucous humor to create the ultimate post-modern queer variety show.


Kill Your Lovers – by Anais West, with video by Shauna Griffin
Part of AFTER HOURS: An Evening of Short Plays
Friday 7/21 9pm; Saturday 7/22, 9pm

An aspiring camera operator finds herself on set for an indie fem-dom porno, starring and directed by bisexual “entreporneur” Gillian De Rey. Her co-star is Charlie, a pornstar facing disturbing allegations on social media. As they begin shooting, the audience and the camera operator become voyeurs in a morally ambiguous act of sexual violence. Kill Your Lovers is a video/play hybrid exploring the queer female gaze and the ethics of what turns us on.


HIGHLIGHTS: The Short Plays Contest!
Sunday 7/23, 2pm

The Audience and Judges have spoken!
The most outstanding from a two day contest of (very) short LGBT (and rather Q) plays:

THE WHOLE by Conlan Carter
AT SEA by Carolyn Gage
A GAY THING by Joshua James
DOUBLE RAINBOW by Marcus Scott



Do You Dream In Spanish?
Featuring Roberto Araujo and his Trio 
Monday 7/17, 9pm

Roberto Araujo is a photographer, singer, gay man, actor, New Yorker, dancer, and Immigrant.
But the one question he hears more than anything is, “Do you dream in Spanish?” Come along with him as he takes you on a unique journey through his life, with music, dancing, and photography!


See You at the Funeral!
Featuring Tova Katz, directed by Tricia Brouk
Saturday 7/15, 7pm

A dark solo musical comedy about three outlandish women grappling with the seductive illusion of control. Dina (the charming gay compulsive liar), Medusa (the washed up Diva determined to make her comeback), and Gittel (the Holocaust survivor and oldest living dominatrix) all invite you into their world of secrets. With direction and choreography by Tricia Brouk, Tova Katz takes the audience on a twisted, howling, unforgettable ride. You only die once—don’t miss it!


Under The ‘C’
Cacophony Daniels sings Howard Ashman
Featuring Cacophony Daniels and her Trio
Wednesday 7/19, 9pm

Join Fruitie Award-winning Broadway bombshell and drag darling Cacophony Daniels (aka Jersey Boys‘ Courter Simmons) as she sings her tribute to to Grammy- and Oscar-winning playwright and lyricist Howard Ashman that celebrates the lovable misfit in us all. Directed by Jonathan Hadley, with music direction by Kyle Branzel, “Under the ‘C'” includes some of Ashman’s award-winning standards from Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Little Shop of Horrors, as well as lesser-known gems from Smile, Babe, and Diamonds. Directed by Jonathan Hadley, music direction by Kyle Branzel.



Asher Rhys Got Married Too Young
Featuring Adin Lenahan, directed by Caroline Kittredge Faustine
Saturday 7/22, 7pm

In this multigenerational tale of parenthood, sacrifice,  and forgiveness, Rott Mellevold goes on a conspiracy theory podcast to refute rumors that his wealthy family are secretly psychic healers. His father Asher Rhys has the dubious honor of loving Luke Mellevold, whose disapproving parents converse intimately with their son (both before and after his death). As Asher navigates his controlling in-laws and his mysteriously gifted son, he unfolds a crushing but beautifully hopeful story of in a bravura solo performance by Adin Lenahan.


Love Letters to Nobody, or Insignificant Others
Featuring Maybe Burke, directed by Morgan Russell

Thursday 7/20, 7pm

“People hide real feelings in a lie they call love.” In this series of letters to and from their insignificant others, Maybe tells pieces of a story about how identity, love, sex, and trauma all influence each other. This moving solo show takes a multilayered look at abuse, happiness, disappointment and hope; all through the lens of love, and sometimes, the lack thereof. Maybe Burke is an award-winning New York based director, choreographer, writer, performer, and trans advocate telling the stories that have yet to be told in mainstream American theatre.